Disclaimer: These are examples that may not reflect times for a Cruiser you may be looking to reserve. Our algorithm takes into account historical Google traffic data to present an accurate travel time weeks or months in advance of your Cruiser. As traffic and road conditions are unpredictable, you may be given an adjusted pick up or drop off window on the day of your Cruiser. You can rest assured that these new times will only benefit you and your experience. 

What if I am late to the pick up location?

You have 45 minutes from the pick up time stated on your reservation to pick up the vehicle. After 45 minutes the vehicle may need to depart as other customers reservations may require the vehicle to be moved to its next destination. If you do not show up you will forfeit the reservation price and 2x the reservation’s published price out of your security deposit. Meaning if you booked the Cruiser for $69 and do not show up, you forfeit $69 + $138 of your deposit. The remainder of you deposit will be refunded back to you. 


A. In this example, your pick up window is 9:30am - 10:15am. At 10:15am the vehicle will depart.  

What if I am late to the drop-off location?

You have 45 minutes from the start of the stated drop off window. We will deduct $20 from your deposit for every time 10 minutes you are late for the 1st hour you are late beyond the grace period. After 1 hour you will forfeit the deposit. Your travel window has enough time for unexpected traffic issue. 


B. This is the start of your drop off window. You have 45 minutes from the start of this window to drop off the vehicle. In this example, you would have until 12:32pm to drop off the vehicle before incurring penalties. 

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