To find available Tesloops, type any address or business name you'd like in the "From" and "To" fields. For best results use the actual places you are traveling between, and the system will find you the closest Tesloop pick up/drop off points.

We typically have our schedule published for up to 90 days. If you aren't seeing Tesloops available past 90 days, this is the reason. 

The Tesloop times shown are for the closest point to your search. Other Tesloops will not show due to vehicles routed too far away from your search. This system is designed to save time and get all travelers to their destinations as quickly as possible by preventing back tracking and excessively long travel times. We cannot predict or schedule around random traffic anomalies that occur on the day of travel. 

As of May 2018 we have looped together the following cities: 

1. Los Angeles/Orange County and Greater Palm Springs 

2. Los Angeles/Orange County and Greater San Diego 

3. Los Angeles and Orange County

4. Palm Springs and Las Vegas

If you have more questions please call a Tesloop Concierge at 818-330-6446 between 8am-8pm PST.