We are currently working on obtaining the permits that will allow us to execute pick ups and drop offs at each airport in Southern California. Currently, we have convenient pickup/dropoff locations only minutes away from major airports, and we offer LAX Express Trips in and out of LAX's terminals.

We currently offer service to and from LAX via two different routes. One of these routes is what we call the LAX Express route, named this way because it has restricted pick-ups and drop-offs in order to facilitate getting to and from the airport as fast as possible. The LAX Express route is designed to pick-up and drop off in the terminals, so if you prefer to take Tesloop into the terminals at LAX, or prefer to leave directly from the Terminals, the Express trip is the best option. There is limited availability on these Express trips as they happen less frequently, so please make sure to book well in advance if you prefer this option. LAX Express trips appear in the booking engine as so:


The other type of route that will get you to and from the LAX area is our regular operating route. Since this route services all of our other possible pick-ups and drop-offs in the LA, Palm Springs, and San Diego areas, it does not pick-up or drop-off directly in the terminals out of the interest of our other passenger's time. Most of our passengers use Uber, Lyft or a regular taxi to then complete the short distance to and from the airport from this location. These trips happen more frequently each day and typically cost less per seat. The regular operating trips appear like so:


LAX Express Trip pick ups are all made at the Arrivals / Lower Level of Terminal 2 at a large pillar labelled Terminal 2H. You should plan on arriving there approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Our Concierge team will contact you at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time. Here is a picture of what the Terminal 2K Pillar currently looks like: 

LAX Express Trip drop offs can be made at the Terminal that is convenient for you. Please let your pilot know or notify our Booking Concierge when making your reservation. 

If you have any more questions regarding this matter please email us at support@tesloop.com or call one of our friendly concierges at 818-330-6446!