Tesloop offers pick up and drop off at convenient locations throughout and around the cities we serve, which we’ve selected to be convenient to as many people as possible. If you don’t see a location close to you – ask us to add one! Tesla is building new Superchargers all the time, and we will be continually broadening our coverage area.

You’ll choose your pick up location when you book a trip. The best way to find the nearest location to you is to visit https://webapp.tesloop.com/ and type in your exact address in the "From" and "To" fields. The system will map out the closest pick up points to that addresses you provide. 

You may also view a map by clicking here. You may see that there is a more convenient location for you depending on whether you are starting out from home or work, or visiting family and friends.

Here's an example map, but PLEASE check the booking website at https://webapp.tesloop.com/ as we do modify our locations frequently. Tesloop SoCal Map

To see a list of pick up and drop off points that we serve please click here: http://www.tesloop.com/pickup-and-dropoff-locations/